Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well... the first annual "Exmo-Expo" took place today. I must say that another 5 hours could have, probably, taken care of all the verbalizing necessary to cover all possible topics which were touched upon.

SE was delightful. She was insightful, articulate, and observant. She listened to that rantings of HH, and and that "radical" anarchist with aplomb, and clarity.

CounterIntuitive was delightful in his questions regarding coping. and restraint of the atheistic compunction to condescend to those who continue the belief-system of religiosity. Further, his declaration of tolerance, and decency were noble and moral (not scientifically moral since there is no such thing... Wink wink... nudge nudge). I was just as awed by CI in person as I was by his writings.

Shane was just his normal self (a pain-in-the-ass, whom, attempted to find the similarities between religion and science {even though he doesn't understand what science is} *wink and nudge*). Yet, that is a topic that I will address in some depth at some point in the future (not Near future). Poor... poor...Shane (insert snicker here.. sounds like "mwa ha ha ha ha"). His desire to overthrow the current system of government through violence, or non-violence, is a bit vague. *wink and nod here*

We all missed Rod here, though. We all thought that He, and Darci were leaving earlier than reality dictated. If we had known, we would have offered him a ride to the festivities.
Rod, my man, you are definitely a part of EXMO-EXPO 2008. It will occur some time between x-mas '08 and New Year '09. We need you. Sorry that we didn't invite you (Thor knows we wish we had known that you would be around). I blame the anarchist here (another wink and nudge).

HH is thinking that a Summer get-together might be as fun. HH has been wrong before, but, only about which species of tree to plant in the ungodly crappy soil of Wellsville, Utah (unfertile clay crap). Don't miss Wellsville much (kind of goes without saying). Mrs. HH might be fun to include (even though BLOGGING is years away from her non-technocratic abilities). What think ye all?

Let's get more people going too. The idea of 10-plus smart people exchanging ideas for 5+ hours is just (as of now) too reinforcing to ponder. It really was a great experience to talk with others who could articulate their thoughts/ideas with such clarity and honesty.

Is it any wonder I have looked so "forward" to Shane's visits? It has been like swimming for months and coming up for air every "now-and-again." I am HH the whale. Hopefully, swallowing all the Jonah's (irrational religionists) that come along. Not much of a meal. We each have our crusades. ;)

Angie and I are watching "Bible Camp" on A&E. The parody of scientific conclusions that they present is fucking ridiculous (and sad). "Do you think we came from ooze?" is a quote from a representative of this sect. Show me the scientist who asserts such a notion.

Some draw false parallels. They just don't work. "How" scientific outcomes should be used, is a different question as to "whether science ought be be used?" My whole point in part of our discussion. (Shane and Ron... go to town).

No matter what was discussed, it was just great to have a discussion with such a brilliant group. I laughed, pondered, and was sad throughout. The poor waitress was wonderful. How people could sit there and chat for 5 hours would stagger most. That we could have chatted for longer is kind of self-satisfying.

After today, I am convinced that voting in the election is ridiculous. Changing society (as a whole) is futile and, savoring the wonder, and awe, of the living experience is the only thing that matters.

Some folks, of my professional ilk, would say that, "how you live today may make every yesterday a dream and every tomorrow a vision of hope."

I hope.

HH =)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Into the wild... the beginning.

I just began reading "Into the Wild" by Krakuer. So far, I must say, it seems as though "Alex" was just a naive kid with bipolar disorder who just didn't seem to understand his limits. Of course, I am only three chapters into the book.

Gotta go pick up the wife's pictures at Walmart.

HH =)

I finished the book. I am still convinced that Chris/Alex was having emotional problems (given his past). However, it seems that he may have confused a wild "potato" for a "wild pea." The pea may have poisoned him. If so, he died in true agony.

I was amazed at how much the tale made me think of Shane. A wayfaring man, stubborn, vulnerable, and smart. Was he deluded with his own abilities to luckily make it through new environments? Was he just the victim of poor luck? He knew that he had killed a moose when the "experts" had, retroactively, decreed it an elk. What else was he "right" about that the others were in error? Was he weak to refrain from establishing any intimate relationships? Or, was he preparing his freinds for a well-thought-out end?

Either way, I can't see how he rationalized his families torments. His parents were unhinged with fear as he faded from their lives. Even the most detached child should understand a parents fear.

It seems an abilivance has swept over me regarding this book. My simple mind attempts to put it into black-and-white. It is not that simple. As Richard Dawkins wrote I am being "overly-reductionistic." Right and wrong are much more complex than I was raised to believe they are. My father and mothers voices scream loudly for a verdict. I find that there is none to give. What was... was. Who the hell am I to judge anyone without having a knowlege of the particulars of thier life?

My head doesn't hurt. Nice to be healing.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Too funny not to post...

The whole citing may be found here.

"Santa Claus
From Dickipedia - A Wiki of Dicks
Santa Claus (also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, and Santa) is a historical, legendary and mythical figure and a dick.

In Western cultures, Santa Claus is thought of as bringing gifts on Christmas day, or, as it’s now known, The Day Before The Day After Christmas Sales.

The modern depiction of Santa Claus as a fat man wearing a red coat and pants with white cuffs and collar, and black leather belt and boots was not based on Rush Limbaugh. Rather, it was popularized in the United States in the 19th century drawings of political cartoonist Thomas Nast. It has since become the basis for a notable number of bad movies starring Tim Allen.

One legend associated with Santa holds that he lives in a land of perpetual snow. The American version of Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, while Father Christmas is said to reside in Finland. Other legends say that he is married and lives with Mrs. Claus, while still another says that Santa and Mrs. Claus had a bitter separation over what Mrs. Claus said was a “serious drinking problem,” which Santa Claus maintained was just being “jolly.”

Many accounts of Santa Claus say that he delivers presents to all of the good boys and girls in the world in one night, and that he accomplishes this feat with the aid of magical elves who make the toys and the flying reindeer who pull his sleigh. Such a thing is, of course, preposterous, much like, say, a country invading another country that never attacked it and then being greeting as liberators. But myths such as these are entertaining to children, and, on occasion, adults, who are commonly known as “simpletons” or “half-wits.”

Many Christians are opposed to teaching children to believe in Santa Claus because the tradition detracts from the religious purpose of Christmas. Some Christians also believe there is a so-called “War On Christmas.” This refers to what the Christians believe is an organized effort, led mostly by Jews, to deny the Christians the right to celebrate Christmas as they wish, which mainly involves saying “Merry Christmas” to Jews, or, “being an a-hole.”

Though there is some debate about what leads someone to believe there is such thing “War on Christmas,” consensus is coalescing around the theory that it stems from watching “Fox News” while licking Chinese toys."

I laughed so hard I was crying...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Siblings and simple minds...

I attended a family party tonight. My older TBM brother was there. He didn't approach and ask about my kids, life, or work. Instead he confronted me with a list of "democratic" convention notes. It was a parody, but frankly it was completly bunk... except for the making fun of Kennedy's drinking issues... But that is another story. But his blatant bigotry made me wince. I am not a democrat. IN fact, I am a registered "Independent." That he refused to hold the republican "Mess" to the same standard is damned hard to stomach. "Selective Observation" is repugnant to any honest intellectual inquiry. But his belief system (LDS) has done nothing but condition him to do just that. THAT is the harm in religion. It teaches one to accept some things without honest skepticism. That looking at the world through non-tinted glasses is wrong and evil. I hate that my LDS family members loath themselves to the degree that that they do.

In the end, I don't hate religion. I hate its effect on honest, decent human beings.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Sad politics and the lack of outrage...

I just read this: "This definitive result of the 110th Congress will confirm the popular feeling that George W. Bush believes in his disaster more than the Democrats believe in anything." - David Bromwich, 12.20.2007. How Effing true is that?! What a bunch of cowards and traitors.

As I research the candidates, and attempt to keep abreast of the political situations we face, it is all I can do to keep my damned lunch down. What the hell is wrong with America? Between MItt ROmney's blatant falshoods (my daddy marched with Reverand King), Huckabee's running for president or evangilcal "pope" (nice phony christmas advertisment you close-minded twit), Barack Obama's uplifting speeches, but pure lack of substance, and Hillary's ever changing opinions, I just want to take a hammer to my head and hit until it somehow may make sense.

IN my America: Fascism is on the assent... Indifference is the norm... Ignorance pervades the citizenal bourgeoisies... And, greed/materialism is at the heart of reinforceing it all! Isn't this the scenario, throughout recorded history, that has preceded the downfall of every great society? Where the hell is my fiddle??? Got it. Now, to just sit back and wait for the flames.

The candidates depress the hell out of me. What a clump of fake "Jesus lovin'", corporate owned, hacks. I am defiantly writing-in a candidate when I vote next November. But whom should I write in? I have plenty of time to think that one through.

I passed a relative this morning. She smiled wryly and said, "Have a Merry Christmas HH(she used my real name)." I smiled back, and said it back. She looked puzzled and stated that she understood that I didn't celebrate Christmas. The Tree in my living room, the major deficit in my bank account, the carols playing on my computer, the decorations on my front porch, and my "Merry Christmas" greetings would seem to contradict that assertion.

Rod wrote a great post on the origins of "Mithramas." You ought read it if you have access. Boy's spot-on! Christmas has lost all moral significance. I know, many think morals are only possible with a picture of a German-looking Jesus portrait hanging on ones wall. But the cultural practice of celebrating our nobler traits has transmogrified into a bloodbath of selfishness, materialism, and shallow callousness. May Mithra forgive us.

The only problem I, personally, have with the holidays is all the socializing. Three family parties, dinner with my wife's high-school friend (and her husband), parties at work, neighbor gift exchanges, family christmas eve meals, family Christmas breakfast (BTW y'all are invited), christmas night dinner, etc. It all sets off my solitude alarm. Too much stimulation. Given my profession, I spend a great deal of time intimately with others at work. For me, a holiday should be a break from other people. Must go... carolers are at my office door. Must adapt... Sheesh...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

okay... how about this.?

What about a yule log and some serious holiday classic tunes to go along??? Bring bak any memories???

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting into the holiday spirit

SE has inspired me to start warming up to the holidays. Therefore:

Friday, December 07, 2007

Cyber-world gets smaller and smaller

My boy has made his first blog post. He is a bit entranced by the world of movies. YOu can see it

He is MUCH smarter than his blog would suggest. He might have posted something like this:

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Richard Dawkins... need I say more???

I, through an online friend, asked the world's current most "famous Atheist" a few questions. He actually answered. I was impressed enough to post his replies here.

Question: As a behaviorist, it is difficult for me to get behind the idea of a "meme." Could you enlighten me about how the "environment v phenotype" argument is fulfilled by your assertion?

Answer: "Your question is quite good. It would be foolish to deny that there is a continuum of "inherited" traits to "environmentally" influenced traits. It seems that there are those who wish to paint my arguments with one brush. As a Darwinian, myself, it is difficult to teach the uneducated mind that Darwin's theory was clearly articulating the relationship between the two. It is the Neurologist that will fill the gaps, not the pseudo-psychologist. If one thinks of the Meme as an inherited disposition to do certain things, then it makes more sense. Is does not predetermine anyone's outcome. Instead, it limits the possible responses to the environment which any organism can produce. "

Question: "What are your criticisms of B.F. Skinner's work?"

Answer: "I think he was overly reductionistic. He over-simplified that relationship between the organisms he studied, and their genetic endowment. I am not of the opinion that he considered the impact that "thinking" played in the survival of our particular species."

Question: "What are the implications of a "godless" world?"

Answer: "They are exactly the same as the world in which we live. If there is no deity, then how could the world be different? If one thinks of "God" as another Meme (trait inherited by progenitors), which had survival value in the past, but, no longer has utility, then it makes sense that mankind never had such an entity to tie "belief" to. Why consider an explanatory fiction, that which can adequately be explained by survival belief? Does something need to "exist" in order to be beneficial?"

I have more questions. But, I don't wish to push my luck.