Friday, August 18, 2006

Stress... Effectively gone.

Alas, for me the stress of Summer is over. I know how caddy that may sound, but it is true... For me. The house sold... Closing completed... Moving taken place... And our new "digs"... BEAUTIFUL!

The kids and wife have adapted very nicely. I admit that I was worried that there would be weeping and gnashing as we moved, but my fears were in vain. The kids could not be more happy. The wife could not be more complacent. And I, well I could not be more content with the outcome.

I am typing on a "high-speed" connection right now. I must admit... DIAL-UP SUCKED!!!

I listen to Pandora as I type. It highly recommend it.

My first full day back at work was productive and delightful. I find myself fearing that I will enjoy my work too much. I admit, that I tend to get a lot of positive feedback at work. At home, it tends to be rarer, but more qualitatively satisfying.

The poor approval ratings of "W" continue to fill me with pleasure. The despair of paying such high prices at the pump are abating now that my driving needs have been lessened by 3/4. I see the glimmer of hope, politically, as the race in Connecticut twists and turns.

Best wishes to you and yours,