Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I really need to come with a new post. Hmm..

Until my brain unfreezes here is something for you:

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hit and run...

The recent spate of e-mails flying back and forth have been VERY interesting reading. The topic may have met its final fate, but mutations of it will certainly arise over the months and years.

I came across a wonderful site. YOU SIMPLY MUST SEE! Click here.

Perhaps the whimpy Democrats are finally getting some Chuzpah?


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just a thought I had today...

A kindergartner at a school I cover was having some behavior problems. He refused to be quiet and let the teacher teach the rest of the class. The teacher would, for example, be teaching the concept "b" by showing a "b" and then having the class say it in unison. The little boy would shout "no its not! My dad says its a plane."

The teacher tried a few simple techniques, to no avail. I was asked to consult. After watching for a while it became apparent that this little boys behavior was reinforced by attention. We decided to have the teacher "ignore" the behavior. As usual there was an "extinction burst" (a temporary increase in the behavior before it disappears). Within 20 minutes this boy was sitting with his peers engaged in appropriate unison responding.

The teacher thinks I know magic. She stated that she has tried arguing with the boy, and his behavior "got worse."

Ijust read an article in a British Newspaper which the author was criticising Tony Blairs record of supporting religious indoctrination in schools. After the article there was a place to post comments. The religious folks were out en mass to criticize the author as being a militant atheist. As I look over the recent flourish of religiosity in America it seems the same. The more people take issue with religion, the harder religion fights back and survives and grows (like the bad behavior of a kindergartner).

It is my belief that religion will die, not by fighting it (attending to it), but ignoring it. Watch god finally fade from existence like the remaining smile of an ever fading Cosmic Cheshire cat...