Saturday, April 26, 2008

You can't argue with this guy..

Impeccable logic (almost sounds post-modern *wink*)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Those damned dogmatic Darwinists!

The chief argument against Evolutionary biology is that "there are no new species." "Scientists have been bombarding flies with radioactive waves and nothing has changed."

"Nonsense" says I! Just in case you are one of those who holds such a false belief here is a website for you. Plenty of examples of speciation there.

For those who demand direct proof (their own eyes) there is a very simple example that we are all familiar with. Before I tell you I need to define what I mean by "speciation." Speciation means the divergence of one or more specific family of organisms which is UNABLE TO INTERBREED WITH ITS OFFSPRING. In other words the "new" species is unable to procreate with the other.

Now, having set up my argument I am going to give you, not ONE, but TWO examples! I know... you get double for your money! The first, (drum roll for the fundies sitting with their mouths agape) is... the Mule! That is right, mules are the outcomes of Donkey's and Horses breeding. Funny thing is that the Mule can not breed with EITHER of its parent species. Therefore, in your lifetime you may observe speciation.

The second is a little closer to home... You ready??? Trisomy 21 homosapiens. That's right, people with Down's Syndrome. They can not reproduce with non-trisomy 21 homosapeins.

So those who to argue(terribly)that They "didn't come from no monkey..." Well... You and monkey's have a common ancestor like it or not. If you would like even more resources (Professional Journal articles) on this just ask. I have 150 peer-reviewed studies that might help. SOmething to sink yer teeth into.

You fellow scientific simian,

HH =)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Talking to teens...

You know... I seem to have no problem making a connection with other people's high school kids. Not to brag, but I get incredible feedback from the medical community and parents regarding my ability to make change in their patients/child's lives.

Yet, I am ready to ship my own son off to boarding school... scratch that... military school. The boy just can't think outside himself. He is a FANTASTIC student (A average)... He is a bright kid (read smart ass that gets his dad's goat. Fu"ing genetics {G-pa Petersen here})... When he is kind and considerate there is no one I admire more. Yet... He can't think more than 15 seconds into the future. He thinks only about his next acquisition. What other people have seems so enticing to him. How did I raise such a materialist? His Apple Ipod Touch seems to enjoy more attention than his mother.

Okay.. to be fair... he is at Parent-Teacher-Conference with his mother right now. I refused to go (circumstances today made me furious and I just want to watch him squirm while he can't: watch my TV, enjoy my food, and use MY internet). Why? I really won't say. Not out of secrecy, but out of privacy. He has the right NOT to have people know how dumb he acts (at times). Now, uncle Shane would be telling his dad that he needs to relax, and that the lessons that will change his behavior will come, as they have for all of us, through the natural environment. To Shane I say, "I hate it when you speak sense. Please stop it."

In all, he's a great kid. I just need a hug perhaps. My parents warned me about teenagers. Too bad they did it when I, myself, was actually a teen (brain damaged).
How do I be his "bud" and be his "teacher" at the same time? I guess my own advice may come in handy here. "Your role is to be a parent, not a friend. That is what you chose." Damnit!

I want to wrap him up, and kick his ass, all in the same moment. 18 just will NOT come soon enough. As bright as I am, and as skilled with "others" kids, why can't I get it right?

F*ing reality. Perhaps I need religion to give me solace. No... I just can't delude myself that much.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

given a new "rush" of religious posts..

There has been a cacophony of new posts on religion. I have a hard time believing that there are people willing to dismiss their own atheism. Yes I wrote what you just read. "I am no Atheist" you may respond. "Yes you are," I retort. You don't even know the names (much less the qualities)of the, literally, thousands of gods you do not have a belief in. You also, don't appreciate the art, poetry, and ethereal-ness of those other religions to which you do not adhere.

The new movie "expelled" comes out on Tuesday. It is being shown in 2 large theaters in town. However, the simple movie "Sicko" wouldn't appear in the same theater's here. I HIGHLY doubt that "Religioulous" (a movie with Bill Maher) will be shown anywhere in Utah. It makes me ill that closed-mindedness is allowed, nay worshipped, here. I am deeply ashamed of my fellow Utahn's. LDS (crap) films are booked in every theater in town, but reality is just to harsh to be shown!

It seems that my bitterness was not as abated as I thought. The trigger was the visit of the Pope to the USA, and the recent posts about religion and gods. I heard one of my fellow liberals (I use the term loosely) try to slam someone, on the right, for calling out the pope for allowing (defending) child rape. "How dare he be so bigoted against catholics? People who do such good works in the world?" -- Fah! How about telling people the "truth?" Doesn't that matter? If the pope was CEO for some child day-care company, he would be in jail!
I hear those who say, "yes, the church is false/evil/dogmatic, but we did get great poetry and art from those theisms." No offense, but "bullshit!" Do the costs of religion outweigh the benefits? Hell no!
Anybody wish to say that the Sistene chapel makes up for even one priest ripping a young boys anus until bloody? I DARE YOU to defend that position! I dare you to defend the position that LDS art somehow compensates for the Mountain Meadows Massacre! That the child rape of Joeph SMiths 14 & 15 year old wives, tne the children in the Texas FLDS cult somehow doesn't reflect the base nature of relious belief is just plain ignoring reality. How dare it be suggest that the music, poetry, and art generated from a rligious context somehow make religion tolerable and decent!? If you believe this you may go Straight to the hell of your own imagination!

Sound rough? Some have said we ought to respect and tolerate religious beliefs of others. This is usually code for: "don't challenge their delusions. We don't want to hurt their tender feelings. We don't want them mad at us."

I don't want them mad or upset either. And, if believers keep their religious beliefs to themselves there is no need to have it even come up. However, when it comes up I won't give people the impression that I agree through passive concession, acquiescence, nor seeming behavioral indifference.

Is this rational dogmatism? No. And here is why. I am MORE than willing to change my mind if someone makes one reasonable argument. Not many... one. Is the opposition as honest? If one is willing to listen to all arguments and make a reasoned judgment; and another is unwilling to consider the same. Who is the dogmatist? The dogmatist ignores information and selectively and passionately adheres to beliefs no matter how clearly wrong. I don't pick the fight, but I am damn sure willing to brawl when someone else drops the gauntlet. In my country the religious right has thrown down the gauntlet (and they do it on a continual basis). So when Dawkins, and other atheists fight back (they/we didn't picks the fight) They are not being raucus and rabble-rousing. They/we are defending a position which is, and has been for some time, under assault and demonized.


Addition: I saw this on a response to a youtube discussion: "The Church of Science doesn't conduct nearly enough indoctrination, miseducation and molestation of children to fit the criteria of a proper religion.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a link worth following


Ron has a post about religion on his blog. Here is a debate which
gives both sides of the argument. Judge for yourself whether "god", faith, and religion really deserves some order of respect.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Contempt for reason...

Just had to snicker. Watch to about half way through. The discussion turns to the Texas FLDS situation. Maher nails it!

Here is another. If you don't like the "F" word DONT WATCH THIS! NSFW!

Finally, on the political front... I wonder how long Hillary will stay in fightin'?

I'm tired, but the sun is shining and we MAY hit 65 degrees today. We got us a heatwave.

HH =)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Are you supposed to watch or look away??

As I stand alongside the curb something quickly glints the corner of my eye. My head turns, and my hair hackles. Something has put my mind on high alert. Looking down the street I spot a neighbor crossing the road chat with her spouse, who is standing amidst the driveway of their home. What she was doing across the street? I couldn't guess.

As she b-lines towards home, her attention is focused on her goal. She misses the car traveling towards her at 40mph, just in her blind-spot to the right. A cry from me could not travel fast enough to save her from the impact. Nervous pain surges down my legs and my muscles tense as my mind registers what is going to happen. Complete helplessness.

Then, the most absurd thought hits. "Do I watch her get hit? Or, do I squint my eyes, and avoid the terror I am about to witness?"

This was not a true happenstance. More of a metaphor really. When someone, you care for, is about to be hit emotionally by the proverbial speeding car, and you are helpless to effect safety, or abate the pain that is going to hit... what does one do? Its kind of like watching another guy get kicked square in the nuts. I cringe and cry in pain every time... yet, I always watch. But this is different. Someone's life is going change.

I guess I'd watch to the final split second, and then strain to shut my eyes as the sounds of the impact pierce the air. Sheer terror.

Some go through pain while others can only watch, listen, and cover our allegorical crotches. For you in pain... my crotch is covered, I am bent over, and moaning in pain for you. Helpless.. God, I hope the car swerves or the foot misses its mark. Doesn't look good... *closes eyes* *covers ears*

HH =)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring Break..

The wife and I had decided to head south for a few days during the next week. Spring break just began and the long... er scratch that... never-ending... another scratch... seemingly eternal and dreary winter has taken its toll this year. A little warmth and sun would be just the ticket. Yet, a glimpse of the forecast made us cancel our reservations. A lovely cold-air mass decided to extend the misery for another eon. Damnit!

Shane will shake his head, but my stock portfolio has had a VERY good run of luck. When Bear Sterns tanked I bought a bunch of shares at 2.50. Just 9 days later I sold them for 10.00 a share. Being a responsible investor I also bought into 3 solar energy concerns (one in China and on American). Both are up ~40% since bought just 3 weeks ago. I HIGHLY recommend that if you have some investing money sitting around that you consider investing in American Solar Energy companies (SOLF, FSLR, CSIQ, ESLR, SPIL, XSNX.ob[this is my favorite],etc.). No matter which big-party candidate wins the Whitehouse it is obvious that alternative energy and global warming will be at the forefront of the agenda moving forward ("moving forward" - I hate that so damn much that I can't believe I used it---- F'ing mainstream media is seeping into my thick, thick, skull).

My feelings about religionists, of late, have turned from anger to pity. I had a discussion with my mother last weekend. She was up to "sit" with my sister's kids (while my sister went on a cruise with a friend). We chatted about a lot of things, but religion (hers in particular- LDS) came up. I was amazed at how my questions were so easily dismissed without so much as a blink. Sad really, how little it seems that believers actually think about what they actually purport to believe. Kind of weird to pity a parent. But, the religious habit is so long entrenched that there is no hope of reason ever taking hold. I love my mom and wish better for her.

I wish her a happy dinner, pleasant sexual congress with her husband, and a warm and happy Spring Break.

Flowing (rather than ebbing),

HH =)