Sunday, September 27, 2009


My son went on his first official formal date last night. He went to the homecoming dance. This is him and his date below:

They were very cute. I am often being surprised lately by how many "firsts" I am experiencing as a 43-year-old human on this planet. There has been such a long pause between my "first" child, and now.

There is the "first" understanding of elderly frailty. My parents are getting older and the thought of "death" is just beginning to take on a new meaning for me. I, frankly, used to long for them to be dead. I have a conscience mind you... just longed for the freedom to be free from their incessant judgments, and moral platitudes. Now that I have an "adult" relationship with them, I find that their "peculiarities" have become somewhat charming.? The thought of them not being around to wisely smile, as I deride my teens for their lack of judgment, will be a bit... errr... unusual.

My teen daughter and I, just finished a discussion about why arguing with dad is pointless. "Sometimes, it would take hours..weeks...days...months... years... for her to understand all the little steps between "why" and "ought". There are just times in which we come to understand that others simply understand "more." And we ought to accept their understanding at face value. Those others may be right, and they may be wrong, but they have "more" experience qua experience to make such decisions.

I think that the truly wise find out when they have more knowledge to make a "better" decision than some others. Either way... my boy had a great time. He danced. He cuddled. He savored one of life's most rich experiences. And, is the better for it.

HH =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Some decent news

Utah gets a "B" in science education. Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and West Virginia really need to up the standards there. Of course, they are that states that put "Evolution is a controversial theory. Alternatives are taught." Funny how creationists, and thier lack of scientific literacy, are the greatest evidence any possible intelligent design.