Monday, June 21, 2010

Just needed to push the previous post to the bottom..

The video of Lawrence Klauss was overlapping my facebook widget thingy and I just couldn't stand it any more. This post is being created just to push it down the page.

So far nothing is happening this Summer. My son is dating, working at his job, shopping, and sleeping. These are in order based upon total time per day dedicated to each activity. We see him very little. On a brighter note... we are getting along better than any parents with a 17-year-old have a right to. He bought me a Father's Day gift yesterday. I just about bawled. He's a great kid.

The 15-year-old daughter is as unpredictable as an... er... well... 15-year-old girl. One moment she is as sweet and wonder as a child can be. The next we are ducking for cover and dodging flak. Right now she seems to be in a sweet mood. She has started to meet with a psychologist. No major psychoses or anything, just felt like she needed to have an objective third party help provide some feedback and support. I must say that as a psychologist myself it was kind of strange. Given my training and skills should I have been able to help her myself? Reality dictated that the answer be "no." I am just too close and subjectively invested to provide her what she needs. It seems to be going rather well.

The wife and I are training to run the Top of Utah half-marathon. She's trying to kill me. Until last year I had never run more than 3 miles. Ran 12 miles last Wednesday (bragging here just a bit). Even so, I have gotten my affairs in order so that, in my most likely demise during the race, my family is taken care of.

My father forwarded an e-mail to me a few weeks back. The jist of it was that America is going down in flames and only acknowledging that we are a Xtian nation will it be brought back from the brink. I responded (poor judgment here) by send him a PDF of the treaty signed at Tripoli with the Babary Pirates. In article 11 it state, "as the United Stated is in no way founded upon the christian religion..." His response was to interpret me as being offended. We ended up coming to a nice compromise (he will limit the right-wing stuff he sends, and I will not send a rational refutation or a link to "snopes." In essence we agreed that our relationship as father and son is more important than any dogma, political position, or fact.

Now, for a political opinion. Obama blows. He was certainly a better choice than McCain. But he is just another corporate sponsored sell-out. His response to BP and the oil spill has sucked hard. Why aren't we pushing alternative energy like hell? If there was a time, this is it. Why isn't the CEO being frog-marched in chains to jail? Nice to see all the corporate law changes making too-big-to-fail a thing of the past (heavy on the snark).

My wife has gone nuts on the gardening this year. Our house is surrounded by flowers and foliage. Nice to sit out on the backyard sipping morning coffee and smelling the amazing odors, and seeing the amazing colors. This isn't helping my asocial character at all. =)