Saturday, September 15, 2007

Funky Hot Tub and a quiet house

The wife and I were pondering a little Hot-Tubbing action last night. We decided against it (too lazy to go outside, turn up the temp; and change into suits). It has been about three months since I drained, cleaned, and refilled it; so, thought today it might be a good idea to check the chemical levels.

Went outside, opened the cover, smelled a slight funk, and saw cloudy water. I grabbed a test-strip, dipped it into the water and could see that there was NO clorine/bromine left. So, after 30 minutes of dumping chemicals and running the tub, it is crystal clear again. Gonna drain and clean it tomorrow.

I also need to change the oil in the wife's car... Oh, and I need to adjust a few sprinkler heads... the bed needs made... dishes need to be cleaned... need to pay a few bills... ahh screw it...

The house is quiet and I am alone. The wife and daughter are in Provo at a gymnastics camp for the day. The boy is off with a friend eating lunch at a local Wendy's. The peace is quite lovely. It was a long, busy week at work and a few precious moments of silence may give my head the break it needs...

The boy came home... he's headed to a movie with his "group." Okay... just a little lonely here.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Better get those bills paid.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Gambling, barfing, and saying goodbye to an old friend.

The wife and I spent the extended weekend in a little dump just inside the Nevada border. We go with her aunt and uncle. They are the same age we are so its not as bizarre as you may imagine it. The visual appeal of the town is akin to God...non-existent. The casinos are really all there is. Angie's uncle has been teaching me the fine art of craps. His knowledge and research in the area is truly amazing.

IT takes 4 hours to get there. The town may be barren of anything remotely appealing, but the drive.... the drive... the drive is so devoid of stimulation that many passengers simply slip into coma-tic states with no other people in the cars noticing. Further, it is hotter than hell. "So, HappyExmo, what is the appeal then?" you may ask. The answer... last visit we walked away over 1500 dollars richer (between the two of us craps playas). Also, the wife and her aunt desperately needed a break from it all.

Well we arrived, did not win any money, I got sicker than hell, and then we left. Sums it up really well. I wasn't feeling good that day we left, but just thought I could wait it out, and things would eventually get better (headache, pressure, queasy stomach). We arrived just int time to catch the tail-end of the brunch buffet (just before the price goes up 5.00 per person). By midnight our first night I was riding the porcelain bus to Ralph town. Was a real downer. Spend the next day sleeping in the hotel room trying to recover. The next day (today), we left. Four fun-filled driving hours later we were home.

There was laundry to do, a house to clean, and a teenage boy who REALLY wanted to practice driving. I got the mail, and the annual tax and license notice for my trusty truck was there. The wife and I had discussed just when we would have to trade it in on a newer car for the boy to drive (given his upcoming driver's permit and inevitable license). So... the boy and I went driving, ran a few errands, and then stopped at a local car dealer to look at the inventory. IT was labor day, so we could just browse without any salespeople. We stopped, got out, and began to walk around the used car lot. I spotted a car that looked quite appealing. Behind me I heard some footsteps. Guess who was open for business today? The salesman asked if I would like to take it for a test drive. I did. The car was perfect for our needs and drove like a dream.

Three hours later we were driving it home. I traded in my truck. My trusty truck has seen me through ten years of good, bad, and ugly. It has needed a new battery, and that is it for 10 years. The sense of loss is hard to understand. It was just a vehicle. Metal, plastic, and petrol. No mind, behavior, hopes, dreams.... nothin. Yet I have emotionally bonded with it (albeit onesidedly). Think I'll just seep in this petty melancholy for a while. I miss my friend, but food is staying down now.