Sunday, January 29, 2006

Amazing people

I have had the good fortune of crossing the paths of many amazing people in my life. Intellectual giants like Dr. Carl Cheney (USU- Behavioral Toxicologist, and mentor without peer), Ken Merrill (also PhD, though at U of Iowa), and Robert Morgan (USU- Dept. of Special Ed.).

My wife's family: Shane (you may read his musings here... pretty impressive eh?), Ron (blog here... "holy cow batman" that guy can communicate), My FIL (no blog, just a guy who seems to have mastered life), my MIL (the person most likely to be immediatly taken to heaven... if such a place exists), and Shane's, and my, new developing little neice/nephew (Tyson and Jackie are gonna be great parents!). I have much to be joyful for.

And Finally, my wife. Words simply do not exist to articulate her humble majesty. I know of no one as dedicated to improving mankinds condition (one person at a time) than she. Her incredible love as a mother is reflected in the kindness and intelligence of our children. Her professional peers, across the state, seek out her input and expertise. She simply gives me hope that our species may have some hint of altruism.

I don't mean to wax overly rhapsodic here. I stay around to balance out the equation for all. I am not too bright ( I can dumnb-down a conversation faster than GW Bush can, "is our children learning?"), spoil my children (reinforce some of my children's less-desirable behavior with candy), a-social (people.. fah... give me a freindly tree and warm Autumn day... musch better company), and, at times, very pissy ("You lookin' at me?!... You lookin' at me?!... bite me!").

My wife was a bit miffed at me yesterday ( that's two times this month.. hmmm?). I can't, yet, discuss what happened (the details are the problem), but let's just say I jumped the gun on something (nothing sexual here... pervert) and she was not happy about it. I smoothed the feathers a bit by begging and a massage, footrub, head, and pleading. She's a good wife.

Well, here she is and I must go. Have a great week. Oh yea... BUSH SUCKS. Please Impeach now.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday.. the what????

The school year is flying by and it seems that time is an elusive foe. It seems that I leave my office for a meeting, and return just an hour, or so, later and VOILA... a new, and improved, pile of work sits atop my desk. I don't know who the bastard is that is so stealthy and aware of my movements, but I would really like to kick him in the groin region. NOthing personal mind you, just a little roundhouse to the nads for a retributions sake.

Well I sold my shares of SPIL. I missed the peak by a day. But, I am still nicely ahead. I bought two more interests and will wait to see what emerges. I am done giving stock tips. If anyone keeps the data they could really laugh thier butts off at the "debit" marks... Damned "invisible hand"... Damned Adam Smith.

My BIL wrote something humourous. He asked if a Liberal would post stock tips just to pander to the conservative crowd. My answer.... sure. What the hell. I am a person with a Liberals heart and a Conservatives greed. I admit it. I had a rather schizophrenic relationship with President Clinton. I wish that we would fund Social Security... I just don't want to pay for it. See my problem?? :P

Many people seem rather worked up about Sam Alito. Frankly, it bores the hell out of me. Given precident, I can't see anyone other than an alien overturning Roe-v-Wade. Too much new law is based on it. As far as presidential power goes... geesh... I wonder if Bush really even gives a shit what the Supreme Court has to say on the subject. I guess he can tap thier phones and find out.

The wife and I had a bit of a tiff a few days back. I think she and I just needed to be angry at each other for a minute. We VERY rarely argue, fight, hell talk for that matter. It really is a good marriage. She does waht she likes and I get the good fortune of paying for it. See... it works. Just joshin' hon... really. I'll go back to my room now.

WE are having the carpets cleaned Saturday, and then the house goes up For Sale. Should be a weird time. Interesting to see how long it will take to sell. It is a nice, large, place. Too big in fact. Our new home will be smaller. I can't wait to mow a lawn in less than 2 hours. Sad, I know.

Well... off the races. No ranting about religion... No ranting about politics... Just a mental coma setting in. SHould be nice. =)


Friday, January 06, 2006

Hmmm... a new year.

I have always been skeptical of good starts. It seems to me that this, inevitably, leads to a poor finish. My holdings in SPIL have made a 10% move to the upside since Tuesday. Kind of scares me. I sold UARM for a handsome 40 % profit. I gave up on Ford too quickly it seems. i sold it at 8.13 (my buy-in price). Damn!

Things in the political arena have taken some unique twists and turns lately. The Abramoff scandal is going to take a few corrupt people down. It may take some heat off of the President. However, it seems that more congressional scandal is in action here. Oh... and did you hear? Bush needs to admit defeat in iraq. Good ole al-qaida (video link). I tend to agree more with this guy.

Here is my BIL's blog (just returning the favor).

This looks about right. It always was just for entertainment purposes anyway.
I love it when someone credible takes god to task. If this is the best god can do, I am not impressed. I am impressed with Dennett however. ;) Also, this is a spokesperson for god? God needs to screen his employees a bit better. What a dick!

Well here is something fun err... tittallating is more like it.

Gotta hug my kids now.