Friday, August 06, 2010


Life is both the journey, AND the destination. Anyone who tries to sell you one or the other is a charlatan. At our ends, we all die. What is left? Only, the memories cherished by those we have loved. For any person of courage that is enough.

This sums up my reason d'etre. As we wrangle along the paths that life allows us to trod, we ought truly savor the gusto that life provides. Smell the wonderful smells... taste the bountiful tastes... See the glorious sights... embrace the tactile touches that thrill and enhance... and hear the sounds that celebrate being. The lesson that Shane has...

I was watching a Koi in a local pond recently. My mind imagined its life. From stream, to pond, to death. How different are we? We swim in and out of each occurrence, but in the end, we simply swim. Nothing profound... Nothing nuanced... just moving about interacting with the environments that we are given, and then dying. Do the other Koi care? Did the Koi change anything for the better? Is it just futility? My conclusion... Futility. But what a wonderful road to travel. No one else gets to trod in my shoes. That is my uniqueness. My specialty. No one thing gets to be "me." Experience what I have.

I don't get to be the Koi I watched. It is unique and only knows its own path. Our differences... I wonder, did it question my uniqueness as it gazed at me through the medium of the water? Did it see me passing through its life? Did I effect it (at least as much as it effected me?)?

Happily and peacefully swimming around my pond...

HH =)