Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another quaint thing..

Being unable to state specifics is, often, the most troubling of things about blogging. We have the right to expose ourselves in any written way we wish. However, we do not have the capacity, or right to infringe upon others privacy and confidences. It is another's privacy I wish to vent upon. Screaming would be cathartic I think. Alas, it is out of bounds. I watch this other person suffer and have little ability to abate the pain. I can caress, cajole, rationalize, and chat... but, there is nothing which can reduce the suffering which is apparent and inflicting pain on the other. Belief in humanity is failing me now. The beastliness of our dog-eat-dog world wears the walls of optimism upon my mind. Drip by drip of realities watery wear leaves me thinned and cynical. The unjust nature of nature lends more credibility to the axiom that ration and reason are the only guides which lead anywhere worth landing. The pain of "other" impales me. Futility consumes me. The ubiquity of the paradox enthralls me. For the moment, at least, I am floating in the Ether. Emotion feels like weakness. SH (Stoic Heretic)