Friday, July 01, 2005

July 1st in Utah

There is nothing quite like July in Utah. It is always hotter than hell. And, given the already stuffy nature of society in this neck of the woods, things are exacerbeted.

Sandra Day O'Conner is stepping down here. I was priveledged to see an interview with her on PBS recently. She is my juldicial hero. Let's hope that her replacement is as wise as she. Goodbye Sandra! You were awesome!

It seems that W's little speech last week didn't do the trick. Not only were the ratings low, a new specter has arisen..."Impeachement." It seems that the American people are finally showing a little "buyers remorse." Its about freaking time! Bush is an embarassment to the USA, the GOP, and decent humans everywhere. Get him out of the gene pool.

I can't say that the liberals are getting abum rap all the time. It seems that the Lincoln memorial film is a bit "conservative" shy.

Finally, Iraq is a mess... Afganistan is being ignored... and the AlQaida is becoming emoboldened and more deadly. Good thing were "winning." *heavy sigh*

The Market took a bit of a hit yesterday. And so did my portfolio. Please buy Corillian (CORI)! Its a great company with solid earnings and a decent board of directors. P/E, Beta, and Earnings all look good. Get me to 6.00 a share. I won't be greedy... promise!