Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wife's fury... the story.

Many months back the wife and I had a bit of a rowe. She was mad. And, at the time, I was not a liberty to discuss the details. Now... it just doesn't matter. But, I promised so here goes...

After months of entertaining the wife's visiting teachers the wife finally agreed to have her church membership canceled. You see, she would make an appointment with these two wonderful ladies, and then just blow them off. Now, I really liked one of her visiting teachers (Hi terry), but they were not there for me since I had resigned my membership back in 1997. I smiled and chatted with them and they looked puzzled (and somewhat uncomfortable with the non-member husband) when Angie was never there. They usually brought treats (cookies and brownies) and I was always VERY appreciative (since the wife's baking skills end exactly where they begin). But after a few minutes of hemming and hawing they would make a quick exit. I was left to fume because I knew how uncomfortable it was for them, and how much a waste of time it was for me. Finally, after hearing me bitch about it for the umpteenth time, she caved and said she should resign.

Anyhoo... The agreement was simple. As soon as she agreed I typed up the exit letter... she signed it... I sealed it into an addressed, stamped envelope... and then it was placed on the kitchen counter to wait until we were about to move... and then (and only then)... it would be mailed and done. The wife did NOT want to leave the church while her mother was still living close by and in the ward. She was scared that she would find out and her feelings would be hurt.

The stress came when, about 3 months later, a response letter came from the LDS church. They don't send a response letter unless they have a resination request. Somehow her letter had been mailed out. I got the mail and recognized the letter immediately. When she got home from work I gave her the letter from the LDS church records dept. She was furious. She used language that was not very lady-like. She obviously thought I had mailed her exit letter in order to expadite my wishes for us to be DONE with the cult. However, I didn't do it. I attempted to defend myself, but she was having NONE of it. I walked on eggshells for quite some time. Needless to say we are ex-momormons together, and I LOVE THAT WOMAN!

In the end, no one really cared. The one's that took interest were delighted that she had done it. I don't know if her mother even knows now. I really don't think she would care. My Mother-in-law is one of those great people who has her own opinions... and expects others to have theirs. The wife is still agnostic leaning toward theistic, and that is all her mother would really care about.

So... the cat is out the bag. Its a kitten really. But, boy did it cause me headaches for a while.

I bought a new tree. Its a simple ash (see picture above). Its young and came in a 5 gal container. Throughout the years this baby will grow from the 8 ft. wimp it is; into a 60 ft. shade throwing juggernaut. Exciting isn't it. I gotta go hug that sucker just one more time before bed. MMM....

HH =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just passing through

Not much is moving me lately. We just finished up our fence, and the Hot Tub has been in for about two weeks. So much vacation time, and so little to do right now. Ahhhh...