Monday, August 15, 2011

Sibling rivalry???

The wife and I are visiting the father, and step mother. They are really good people. In the middle of the conversation father looks at moi and says (to the effect), "have you heard about Jeff (older brother)?"
My look must have appeared disconcerted.

He states, "he was made BISHOP... of a student ward."

My thoughts ran the line of "I thought someone had died, and this is what I get???"

"Didn't your mother tell you?", he queried in gleeful disquiet.

That is when I knew that the brainwashing was completely undone. I was aghast that anybody would find such a thing "wonderful, and of good report." I just felt sad for my brother. All the burden, and no benefit. His assimilation to the MORG was complete. Never, will he have an enlightened epiphany... never will he shout out with intense orgasmic pleasure... highly doubtful he will savor a rational independent discovery. This just made my heart hurt a little (perhaps kitties cried? One never knows the extent to which stupidity effects the ripple of causality).

Even though for me the god question has been answered, the depth of human gullibility is an intellectual chasm that I shall, inevitability, never breech.

I truly have evolved. My twenty-plus years of mental programming has finally been undone. Reality is sweet. Mythos no longer hold sway within the context of my understanding.


HH =)


Counterintuitive said...

Good for you--I'm happy for you and can't imagine how difficult it would have been to have grown up with that brainwashing.

But, as surely you know, I'd question your absolute view that one's religious involvement negates epiphany, orgasmic shouts etc. I see many of the weakness in religion you do, the morg at work, but also continue to feel (even though generally not for me) that religious experience is a mixed bag and, at times, beautiful experiences come out of it.

SH said...

Is there a time frame from which we are no longer allowed to comment?! I found myself missing my blogger friends this morning and their insightful posts when I wandered onto this post from a year ago. Now that its been a year, I'd be curious to know how your bro has been handling the calling.. I should add here however, that this still doesn't seal in his fate. When I was just beginning to question (years ago now) I read an essay written by a man who was once a stake pres and high councilman. (once..meaning he was no longer affliated a'tall). He had a view from the inside workings that was so compelling for me and really spoke to my questions in an honest, informed way, not someone who simply had an axe to gring. He's the one that gave me the "shoot the side of the barn with an arrow and then draw a bullseye around it" comment that I have really worn out over the years. So I guess I'm saying.. you never really can say where someone will go, but chances are you are correct that he will do deeper.